Sacramento Drupal Web Developer

Features Basic Enhanced Premium
Number of Pages 3-Page Design 5-Page Design Store Design
 Cost Per Month $30/mo.* $60/mo.* $120/mo.*
Domain Name Included? Includes domain name.* Includes domain name.* Includes domain name.*
Main Website Features 3-page simple website design with one mobile page 5-page advanced design with three mobile pages Online, mobile-optimized storefront design and creation
Pages Included Up to 3 pages Up to 5 pages 2: Home & Contact
One-on-one consultation with web professional X X X
Web content edited by a professional copywriter - X X
Professional design maintenance for text and image changes to web pages* 30 min/mo. 1 hr/mo. 30 min/mo.
Option to edit and create web pages independently (CMS) Basic Tool Advanced Tool Advanced Tool
Professional design of mobile-optimized web pages 1 page Up to 3 pages Mobile Store Incl.
Web pages submitted to popular search engines X X X
Interactive map featuring address/detailed driving directions X X NA
Add a form to your Contact Us Page to capture visitor information X X NA
Feature Facebook status updates and 'Like' button website on site - X NA
Display your twitter posts on your website - X NA
Professional Logo Design Add $460 Add $920 Add $920
Setup of company storefront information using StoreCreator NA NA X
Setup for first 10 product categories and first 25 products including: Basic product description, 2 images per product, pricing options, and initial product inventory level and notification settings. Additional setup of shipping options, payment methods, payment gateway to merchant account, tax rate and currency. NA NA X
Store training with website expert before site goes live via webex NA NA X
Automatic creation of mobile-optimized storefront NA NA X
OneList: Submit your business listing to 40+ online directories - X X
SocialStream: Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn™ via 1 interface - X X
Email Marketing Trial: Send email newsletters 10 Contacts 25 Contacts 50 Contacts
Web Analytics: Track website traffic, referral sources X X X
Domain Included in one-year term plan Included in one-year term plan Included in one-year term plan
High availability hosting, bandwidth on-demand, 24/7 monitoring X X X
Web storage and data transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of domain names supported 1 5 10
MSSQL database management - Storage - 1@100MB 2@200MB
MYSQL database management Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP - number of users 100 250 500
Basic hosting features: Web Alias, Access to Log Files, PHPMyAdmin, Disk Usage Meter, DNS Manager, Domain Manager, File Manager Pro, FTP Manager, FTP Access (AFTP, SFTP, FTPS), Log Manager, Secure Shell (SSH), Password Protect Web Directories, Perl5, PHP 5, CGI X X X
Advanced hosting features: MS FrontPage Manager, Windows Services Manager, ASP/, ColdFusion MX, Cron Support, GCC, GD Library, IonCube Loader Support, JSP Support, Microsoft Access, Own CGI Bin, Python, Server Side Includes (SSI), XML Parser, Zend Optimizer Support, Anonymous FTP - X X

Calculating ROI For you Maximum Profits

On of the most important things to understand about investment property ie your return on investment. The math involved is pretty simple and you can even download many free excel spreadsheets that will do the math for you.  In this article I'll cover the how to calculate ROI on rental properties. 

GIT Local

Was chatting with Carson Black and Shawn DeArmond yesterday about development using GIT. The conversation lead me to be curious about different development strategies used by individuals and by teams. Before I go much further I should share that these two men have shared their knowledge and friendship with me for about 8 years and I am grateful for all the help they have extended my way.

Fatherly First Home Buying Advice

My children Scott and Crystal, whom I love dearly, honor me often with great questions about their lives.  One I feel I can share with you is when they asked me about buying a home.  Asking for my advice is something I get often from my children, a special blessing this father enjoys.  I love sharing when asked and here's what I had to share with them about buying a home together.

Just created Elk Grove Property Management

Just recently joined the team at CGA Property Management. My position here it to create a multitude of web properties for them and help organize their online marketing. The first project of required me was to back up and save all of the current properties.  After that I was asked to create, SEO and SEM the website for Elk Grove Property Management Services. This project was created with a custom theme using catch responsive theme and some plugins to build the site fast.

Best Tenant Screening Practices

What are the qualities I should look for to find the perfect tenant for my rental property?

Get asked this question often by many new landlords. And it is an area that, if not handled well, can increase problems in time and cause many headaches and heartaches. A new landlord who recently had to evict a tenant for not paying their rent, and then to add insult to injury had to clean up the complete mess they left behind after vacating the property. Sound familiar? No one wants to deal with that kind of situation and proper tenant screening is the best way to minimize the risk.

Tenant screening is also subject to fair housing laws. Landlords, who are not formerly trained in fair housing law and may be unaware of local landlord-tenant legislation, put themselves at risk of litigation if the screening is not handled properly.

How to Did a Page Rank Top 10 Almost Overnight?

Recently I was asked how a SEO-SEM company ranked a site almost over night. Was also asked if they stopped the service could the SEPR drop.

Since taking a careful approach to building a quality and authoritative website is the best approach and they were not doing this how did this company accomplish this? Here's what I found.

Email Access

You can access your email on your new website hosting account by entering in the address bar

Once this is done you will enter in the email password given to you by us. This will take you to a url that allows you to change your password. It is highly recommended you change your password.

Commerce Shipping FedEx Module Tutorial

Well having one of those Drupal days where for no real good reason am unable to upload a module and get it working on a Drupal Commerce Kickstart installation profile. Here's what I did and after too many hours I just started documenting every step.  Figured if I was going to get any help it would e best to just write it out. Turns out the mistake I made was putting the weight and dimension fields in the product content type and not the product variable type. Make sure you add those field to the product variable type not the product content type. Whew so glad to have found the solution.

Social Media Book

Last week I added a book and several pages about how to setup Social Media accounts for yourself and your business. The book walks you through using step-by-step instructions for the setup of each of the social media accounts.  Plus another article on what to do after those accounts have been created to generate some sort of return for your efforts and build a folllowing for your business using Social Media.